New Arrivals

The Museum Store is one of the few stores in Yuba City that carries a great selection of gift items and books. Many of the items in the store are handmade by artisans up and down the West Coast, with an emphasis on California-made. We’re starting to stock up for holiday shopping, so check back regularly! New books, jewelry, candles, and some surprises are on their way!

We're stocking up for the holidays, look for a lot of new products here in mid-October!

Wild Slice Stickers

Wild Slice Stickers

For the Love of Nature and all it's wonder! We love nature. Our art is a reflection of our souls connection with nature. The medium we most use are natures dead and discarded members in the form of tree sculptures. A walk in the woods, with the sun casting shadows on our skin is rejuvenating and inspiring. It inspires us to pass on the emotions we feel and the images we see through our art. We enjoy trying new techniques and are fully open to learn from all the sources in this universe. The trees draw from the earth all their nourishment and in exchange give us life and love back in the air we breathe. We aspire do the same with our art. To gratefully receive the energy from our surroundings and give out love and nourishment in return.

Our creative process varies from piece to piece. Sometimes we are trying to create the feeling of movement while other times we base a piece around a particular slice or branch of wood that speaks to us. While other times we simply use the tree slices as a backdrop for an inspirational saying/quote. In all the pieces we try to capture a free form shape and express a warm earth based feeling.

Wire-Wrapped Rings

Wire-Wrapped Rings

These rings are made locally, of found and vintage materials. All wire is sterling silver and copper. There is a great assortment of sizes and styles, and they are only $10 each!


We carry an extensive selection of local interest books, as well as more general California history.

Children's Corner

We carry a variety of children's items, including books, toys, craft kits, teethers and more. Our children's book selection is particularly good, with books on different cultures (with a focus on cultures represented by minority communities in the area), California History appropriate for varying age groups, and what life was like for children in different eras. Toys represent animals found in the region, and toys and games children of decades past would have played with. Our baby items are Made in the USA of all natural, kid-friendly materials.